Ranipur Sugar Mill is situated in hingorja road opposite Mehran petrol pump, Khairpur, Sindh. Ranipur Sugar Mill is to develop into a well equipped scientifically managed modern sugar production house. To maximize production, Intensive Cultivation focusing on field economics; reducing the input cost of the crop in comparison with other crops grown in the area. We further lay analysis on modern technological advancement in order to minimize the cost of labour and efficient working.


Introduction of work



Ranipur Sugar Mill processes and makes finest sugar by state of the art plant and deliver it all over Pakistan. Ranipur Sugar Mill is a vital part of the rural communities, providing thousands of jobs in multiple capacities.

A sugar cane mill can refer to a factory that processes sugar cane to produce raw or white sugar It can also mean the piece of equipment that crushes the sticks of sugar cane to extract the juice.

There are a number of steps in producing raw sugar from cane.

Cane receiving and unloading

Receive the cane at the factory and unload it from the transport vehicles

Cane preparation

Cutting and shredding cane to prepare it for juice extraction

Juice extraction

Two technologies are in common use; milling or diffusion

Juice clarification

Remove suspended solids from the juice, typically mud, waxes, fibers

Juice evaporation

To concentrate the juice to a thick syrup of about 65°brix

Syrup clarification

Remove suspended solids from the syrup, typically colloid size of mud, waxes, fibers, etc.


The present paper reports a comparative evaluation of four multivariate statistical process control (SPC) techniques for the on-line monitoring of an industrial sugar crystallization process.


Separation of the sugar crystals from the mother liquor, done by centrifugal machines

Sugar drying

A steady state mathematical model for co-current spray drying was developed for sugar-rich foods with the application of the glass transition temperature concept.

Packaging and delivery

Information and Sugar in which package owners perform action in the system concerning items to be delivered.


Good quality seeds are used for growing sugarcane for making sugar from it. Seeding is the first thing to make sugarcane.


Fertilizer is very useful for growing sugarcane. Fertilizers like nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium are used in fertilizing the crops.


At the time of harvest, heavy machinery and experienced labor is used which help save time and also save the sugarcane at the time of harvesting.


After doing everything, now we are ready to make the sugar through our state of the art technology plant and our skillful and experienced management.

General Process

These processing steps will produce brown or raw sugar. Mill white sugar also known as plantation white sugar can be produced by introducing some form of color removal process (using lime) between the juice clarification and the juice evaporation stages mentioned above. The raw sugar produced is often refined to white sugar. This sugar refining can be done either at a completely separate factory or at a back-end refinery which is attached to the raw sugar factory like Ranipur Sugar Mills.