Company Profile

The Management

Ranipur Sugar Mills, is one of the most progressive companies in Pakistan, which is working on different fronts related to the Sugar Industry, along with horizontal and vertical integration.The Sugar Manufacturing Plant is Located in Ranipur, which boasts a capacity of 12,000 Tons Crushing per Day, which makes it one of the largest players in the industry. With a power generation capacity of 12 MW, and providing to the grid, Ranipur Sugar Mills believes in supporting and empowering the local community. The company was initially set up in 1976 later becoming Ranipur Sugar Mills, a private limited company, incorporated on 4 th July 1998 having its registered office at Karachi. The company acquired / taken possession of the sugar mills in the name and style of Consolidated Sugar Mills on 1 st July 1998 through the official Assignee of Karachi High Court of Sindh. Diversification and Expansion has always been on the agenda for Ranipur Sugar Mills and we have Successfully started Ranipur Sugar Mills – Farms, which is a pioneer in the Agricultural Industry. We have achieved increased sugar cane yield per acre by introducing newer varieties of sugar cane and novel sowing methods. We have consolidated our position as an efficient grower by introducing innovative harvesting practices that are overlooked by a team of seasoned professionals. Along with that, Ranipur farm spans an area of 350 acres. It is located in Naushero Feroz, Sindh. We grow Rhodes grass on our fields using state of the art technology such as laser levelling, sprinkler systems and quality equipment from the manufacturer Class such as automated liners and bailers. Our

fields are irrigated from fresh canal water and fertilized by organic fertilizers. The combination of technology and nature produces top quality organic dust free grass with a bright green colour. The impact of sound financial policies, state of the art technology, innovative and unorthodox approach, production planning combined with creative marketing and management strategies has changed the face of Ranipur Sugar Mills to become one of the industry leaders in the Sugar and Agricultural Sector

Future Plans

This company will also be piece and parcel of Al-Madad Group (RSM) Next Phase

The Sponsors have solid plans to convert this mills into a composite industrial unit with diversified and well integrated activities like Sugar, Power, Distillery, Steal Mills and value added products of sugar. The sponsors are working with various engineering companies locally and international to invent a mechanically gur manufacturing unit which would increase the recovery/yield from 9.5% to 15.00% around and almost 40% improved pricing with Zero Sales Tax. Similarly installation of Confectionary unit to use the sugar for value added products to improve the profit margins and to play its role in GDP of the country. The Sponsors possess good resources to implement their future plans and enjoys good repute in the market and quite capable to achieve the same.