Our Group

The Management

Ranipur Sugar Mills is embarking on an exciting journey as it becomes an integral part of the esteemed Al-Madad Group (RSM). Our sponsors have solid plans to transform the mills into a comprehensive industrial unit, integrating activities such as Sugar, Power, Distillery, Steel Mills, and value-added sugar products. We are collaborating with both local and international engineering companies to develop an advanced mechanical gur manufacturing unit, aiming to increase our recovery/yield from 9.5% to approximately 15% and achieve a notable 40% improvement in pricing, all while benefiting from zero sales tax. Additionally, we are keen to install a confectionery unit to create value-added products, thereby enhancing our profit margins and contributing to the country’s GDP. With abundant resources and a reputable standing in the market, we are confident in our ability to successfully implement these future plans and establish ourselves as a leader in the industry. 


Future Plans

This company will also be piece and parcel of Al-Madad Group (RSM) Next Phase

The Sponsors have solid plans to convert this mills into a composite industrial unit with diversified and well integrated activities like Sugar, Power, Distillery, Steal Mills and value added products of sugar. The sponsors are working with various engineering companies locally and international to invent a mechanically gur manufacturing unit which would increase the recovery/yield from 9.5% to 15.00% around and almost 40% improved pricing with Zero Sales Tax. Similarly installation of Confectionary unit to use the sugar for value added products to improve the profit margins and to play its role in GDP of the country. The Sponsors possess good resources to implement their future plans and enjoys good repute in the market and quite capable to achieve the same.