Ranipur Sugar Mill is situated in hingorja road opposite Mehran petrol pump, Khairpur, Sindh. Ranipur Sugar Mill is to develop into a well equipped scientifically managed modern sugar production house. To maximize production, Intensive Cultivation focusing on field economics; reducing the input cost of the crop in comparison with other crops grown in the area. We further lay analysis on modern technological advancement in order to minimize the cost of labour and efficient working.

Company Profile


Ranipur Sugar Mills, is one of the most progressive companies in Pakistan, which is working on different fronts related to the Sugar Industry, along with horizontal and vertical integration.The Sugar Manufacturing Plant is Located in Ranipur, which boasts a capacity of 12,000 Tons Crushing per Day, which makes it one of the largest players in the industry. With a power generation capacity of 12 MW, and providing to the grid, Ranipur Sugar Mills believes in supporting and empowering the local community. The company was initially set up in 1976 later becoming Ranipur Sugar Mills, a private limited company, incorporated on 4 th July 1998 having its registered office at Karachi. The company acquired / taken possession of the sugar mills in the name and style of Consolidated Sugar Mills on 1 st July 1998 through the official Assignee of Karachi High Court of Sindh. Diversification and Expansion has always been on the agenda for Ranipur Sugar Mills and we have Successfully started Ranipur Sugar Mills – Farms, which is a pioneer in the Agricultural Industry. We have achieved increased sugar cane yield per acre by introducing newer varieties of sugar cane and novel sowing methods. We have consolidated our position as an efficient grower by introducing innovative harvesting practices that are overlooked by a team of seasoned professionals. Along with that, Ranipur farm spans an area of 350 acres. It is located in Naushero Feroz, Sindh. We grow Rhodes grass on our fields using state of the art technology such as laser levelling, sprinkler systems and quality equipment from the manufacturer Class such as automated liners and bailers. Our</p> <p>fields are irrigated from fresh canal water and fertilized by organic fertilizers. The combination of technology and nature produces top quality organic dust free grass with a bright green colour. The impact of sound financial policies, state of the art technology, innovative and unorthodox approach, production planning combined with creative marketing and management strategies has changed the face of Ranipur Sugar Mills to become one of the industry leaders in the Sugar and Agricultural Sector


The sponsors of the company have sufficient cash resources, ample industrial experience and they have in a position to meet their obligation under the financial flame with ease.

The following persons are the Sponsors of the company.

  • Mr. Shunaid Qureshi Chairman


  • Mr. Shahmir Shunaid Chief Executive


  • Mrs. Sultana Siddiqui Director
Mr. Shunaid Qureshi

Mr. Qureshi graduated from Mehran University of Engineering &amp; Technology – Jamshoro, Pakistan in First Position with Three Gold Medals in BE/Industrial. He is Managing Director of Al – Abbas Sugar Mills &amp; Distilleries Limited. He is a renowned industrialist, businessman and former Chairman of the Pakistan Sugar Mills Association. He has been in the Sugar Industry for more than two decades and led the Pakistan Sugar Association in the capacity of Chairman for a period of 06 years. He held the position of Chairman, PSMAC for the terms 2013-2014, on All Pakistan basis. He was also Vice Chairman of Pakistan Sugar Mills Association Centre (PSMAC) for the terms 2014-2016.

Mr. Shahmir Shunaid

Completing his Leadership in Organizations Degree (Business Administration) from the University of San Francisco, Shahmir Shunaid has always been a part of the entrepreneurial world. Working in the Silicon Valley, with companies such as PeerNova, Secret Builders and Whizz Systems, he has always had a profound interest in the manufacturing as well as organizational behavior. His expertise lies in Business Operations, with global technology experience and a clear vision for success. An innovative and entrepreneurial recent graduate, Shahmir Shunaid has always sought out new and challenging projects and is often recognized for his exceptional work ethic.

Mrs. Sultana Siddiqui

Ms. Sultana Siddiqui is the founder and President of HUM Network Ltd., Pakistan’s largest and fastest-growing entertainment broadcast station and recognized as one of the top 25 Companies listed on the Karachi Stock Exchange. Ms. Siddiqui started her career as a producer at state owned Pakistan Television Corporation (PTV) from Karachi station in 1974. During her tenure she produced numerous shows focusing on music, children programming, prime time fictional serials and one off specials. In 1996, she founded a production house by the name of “Moomal Productions” specializing in fictional series and setting benchmarks for the entire industry. In 2004 she established HUM Network Ltd.; the first TV broadcast station to be listed on the Karachi Stock Exchange. Thus Ms. Siddiqui became the first woman in South Asia to launch a television network and is currently leading it successfully as its President. She has received numerous national and international awards including: PTV’s Silver Jubilee Award (for children’s programming), Best Producer award for music, 10 Years Best Producer 1987-1997; Woman of Vision Award ((Media Women Journalists And Publisher’s Organization) Hazrat Khadijat ul Kubra award (Federation of Business and Professional Women, Pakistan ); Nigar Award (the most popular Film and media Awards in Pakistan), The Gr8! “Scroll of Honour” (media) 2015 award at the Gr8! Women Awards 2015 for the outstanding achievements in the field of entertainment, “Best Leadership Award 2015 ”  by CEO Club Pakistan &amp; Manager Today Magazine in honor of sincere and tireless efforts to contribute towards economic growth of Pakistan. In recognition of her dedicated and outstanding services in the field of Art (TV production) the President of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan, conferred the Presidential Award of “Pride of Performance” to her in 2008. Ms. Siddiqui was awarded honorary PHD in media sciences by Greenwich University Karachi in 2016 for her contribution to the field of media in Pakistan. She is contributing with passion towards women’s causes and social issues, including running schools in the rural area of Sindh, Pakistan, which mainly focused on girls’ education &amp; Women empowerment. Ms. Siddiqui has officially represented Pakistan in various workshops andseminars abroad. She has been associated with various NGOs that are working on women’s issues and served in many of their boards. Through her work she has projected the soft &amp; positive image of Pakistan by making women the central theme of her plays and shows. Ms. Siddiqui was ranked as one of the top 100 business leaders of Pakistan in 2012 and 2013 by CEO Summit Asia.


This company will also be piece and parcel of Al-Madad Group (RSM)


This company will also be piece and parcel of Al-Madad Group (RSM) Next Phase

The Sponsors have solid plans to convert this mills into a composite industrial unit with diversified and well integrated activities like Sugar, Power, Distillery, Steal Mills and value added products of sugar. The sponsors are working with various engineering companies locally and international to invent a mechanically gur manufacturing unit which would increase the recovery/yield from 9.5% to 15.00% around and almost 40% improved pricing with Zero Sales Tax. Similarly installation of Confectionary unit to use the sugar for value added products to improve the profit margins and to play its role in GDP of the country. The Sponsors possess good resources to implement their future plans and enjoys good repute in the market and quite capable to achieve the same.

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