Ranipur Sugar Mill is situated in hingorja road opposite Mehran petrol pump, Khairpur, Sindh. Ranipur Sugar Mill is to develop into a well equipped scientifically managed modern sugar production house. To maximize production, Intensive Cultivation focusing on field economics; reducing the input cost of the crop in comparison with other crops grown in the area. We further lay analysis on modern technological advancement in order to minimize the cost of labour and efficient working.

CEO Message

– CEO Message

At Ranipur sugar mills, we strive to combine the latest technology in the industry with the expertise ofthe best people in the trade to produce high quality refined sugar at our manufacturing facility in Sindh.Our aim is to become an in industry leader in the sugar industry of Pakistan.The company focuses on employing state of the art equipment and implementing the best practices inthe industry to create sugar crystals that deliver on quality, hygiene, and aesthetics equally.Our driving factors so far have been an emphasis on technology and experience. Being a trailblazer onthe technological front, I want to set new standards on other fronts as well. My vision is to introducenew talent into the sugar industry and provide an enabling environment to them so that they becomeRanipur’s strongest asset. Indeed, any company’s edge over its competitors and the advantage that isstrongest to duplicate is its people. To paraphrase Peter Schutz, Ranipur wants to “hire character, trainskill”, and convert both the employees and the organization into industry leaders.While people on the front end are important, Ranipur equally values people working in other parts ofthe supply chain such as our growers. Supporting our growers is one of the most important aspects aswe cannot do anything without them, It is very important that we support them during their plantationand harvesting to ensure high recovery and yield so that our growers may benefit most from theplantation to support their families and area. The people at Ranipur Sugar Mills are mindful of the quality of the end product and therefore paysattention to detail to bring the whitest sugar to the market in an environmentally friendly fashion.
Verily, the only constant in the world is change. Embracing the winds of change, Ranipur Sugar Mills hasalso set up a dedicated Research and Development team that is constantly looking for ways to innovateand upgrade. I believe that the determination of my team and the advances in technology will make fora wonderful ally in making Ranipur Sugar Mills the best in business.

Muhammad Noman